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QUALITY, STYLE & FAIRE PRODUCTION ARE OUR MISSION. Sustainable jewellery should be accessible to everyone, which is why we work without intermediaries and pass on fair prices to our customers.

Genuine Silver - Handmade

Stylish & Fair

- produced by Women's Charity Project
- bracelets made of waterproof nylon yarn
- soft & incredibly durable at the same time
- no middlemen: sustainable fine jewelry at fair prices

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Armband Armbänder Wunschkristall Yogaschmuck Yogaarmband Schmuck Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Freundschaftsarmband Geschenkidee Sternzeichen Schutzengel Wunsch Wünsche Ziele Erfolg Kristallarmband Kristall Kristalle Gedankenkraft
Horoscope Bracelet
For Zodiacs of the month special price!
>>star sign crystals
Bracelets included
Card & Gift Box
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What our customers say

"I sell the bracelets in my shop. The feedback from customers is simply wonderful, the bracelets are delicate and at the same time incredibly durable and strong. They are not only simple jewelry, but mean a lot to the wearers. My two wrists are of course also full of wish crystal bracelets, whether you're going out or exercising - they're there 24/7!"

Chiara Ambrusch lil'fame Fashion Events Decoration

"I am a creator. We are all creators. And we can all create our world, we can create a life that we desire from the heart. If I have a wish, a goal or a vision, then I take my bracelet, put it on and let my heart formulate an intention. This intention accompanies me in the form of the beautiful crystal. The universe "sees" this very special sign, becomes curious and sets itself in motion."

Nicki Vellick YOGA LIFE, Graz

"What magic these bracelets carry. The whole Women of Bali project has touched me deeply from the very beginning. So it is always a pleasure for me to pass on your products to women even in my meditations. And of course your bracelets also decorate my wrists. I love you! Thanks to your great team!"

Nica Schuemi Meditation Center Human/Sound