Rock Crystals

Each crystal is a unique piece.
The transparent rock crystal stands for clarity and reinforcement. Ideal conditions for a Wish Crystal.

How do Wish Crystal bracelets work?

Wish Crystal Bracelets are small, sweet MINDSET TOOLS that remind you of your heart's desires throughout the day.

When you put on your bracelet for the first time, mentally connect your greatest wish with the crystal.Just as entrepreneurs formulate their annual goals, write them down and monitor their achievement, you can mentally link your goals to the Wish Crystal bracelet.

The real job of the crystal bracelet is to remind you every day of your greatest wish.The transparent rock crystall, it stands for Clarity and focused energy, should raise your awareness that each of your daily, even small decisions, brings you one step closer to your goal. Although crystals are mystical and have always been meaningful to mankind, they can have little effect without your focus on a concrete goal.


There are three closure types - No. 1 is the simple sliding node:

This knot can be easily moved and opens the bracelet enough to easily fit on any wrist. The waterproof nylon yarn is hand twisted and is delicate & incredibly strong at the same time. Each knot is tightly hand-tied guaranteeing no annoying slippage as you may know from machine made bands.

No 2 sliding knot with silver beads

In this refined version, the band is slightly thicker & the node is reinforced with a silver bead. Ideal if you have to put the bracelet on/off often for professional reasons.

No. 3 Silver bead as closure

The DELUXE bracelet. A silver bead is the clasp. The hand-twisted nylon yarn guarantees no annoying slipping. In addition, 2 small silver beads each next to the crystal and at the ends provide extra glitter.