Susi Kos

How a single thought changed my life.

At the age of 26 I fulfilled my (then) greatest wish and had a 30m long ship with 7 blue sails built according to my own hand drawings, built a diving business on it and sailed through Indonesia for over 10 years.


Work clothes: bikini. A 12-man crew listens to my command. Anyone who knows me better can hear my pirate, shark and reef stories in well-stocked cans.

How did it start

It starts as a crazy sunset idea on the beach in Bali. Together with my boyfriend at the time. He later became a business partner and best friend. He wanted to try out a technique from his new coaching training on me and the following situation was the starting signal for an unbelievable journey that will last 12 years!

The wand question

What would you wish for if you had a magic wand that did everything for you? "When asked, all I want is to live on a ship and sail through Indonesia with it! Ideas in this category usually go down with the sunset. How Should we ever be able to afford our own ship and such a life? But this thought never let go of me. Construction of the ship began a year later.

Since then I have known what power thoughts have.


2012 training as a yoga teacher in Bali. 2014 Start of thought power jewelry.