Sabine Springenschmidt

What is the matrix?

If you know the matrix only from Hollywood movies, you can read on with peace of mind, unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Six years ago I stumbled across the Quantum Matrix, which is now the most efficient method of consciousness work for me. The matrix is an information field. An area that is very difficult for our minds to "understand". It's easy to experience yourself, but hard to put into words.

Reset Button.

Imagine you're a computer program. Every few weeks you will download the note "current version". With your computer you do it and you get the latest version that is on the market. This protects your system from viruses, bugs or even Trojans. You reboot so that your programs work on the computer as best as possible and work as long as possible. And now imagine that you can do exactly the same thing with yourself.

"The quantum matrix or transformation wave is hard to explain, you have to experience it."

Everything is information.

It is the same with our matrix, the information field with which we are born. Through external influences of family, friends, experiences, we change our information field and it no longer runs smoothly. Unfortunately, we do not have a "reset button" but see the effects of recurring patterns in relationships, health or occupation. With the Quantum Matrix (ACQM) method, we can also update our information field.

Charge crystals with intentions.

Since the method can be used not only for humans but also for animals, things, etc., I clean sift every wish crystal with the Quantum Matrix method before it leaves our camp.

You will have a pure crystal that you can program with your thoughts.

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